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IMSI Demonstrating New Apps at RSNA

RSNA-2010-Radiological socitey of North America annual meetingIntegrated Modular Systems () is featuring its browser-based image viewing product for managed access to physician portals, EMR’s, and image management systems at the 2010 RSNA.

The firm said any vendor’s patient data management system can connect with the imsiIntegratedImage thin-client browser viewer to display the appropriate images with access control provided by the vendor’s system, thereby eliminating any additional logins. Images and patient information, including requisitions, are displayed side-by-side. The viewer is used for both diagnostic and physician review. The product is currently installed in combination with several third party , HIS and systems in the Northeast and Midwest U.S.

The imsiVirtualRequisition gives the radiologist concurrent access to the patient’s imaging history including previous requisitions and results. When used for reporting, both voice recognition and transcription are supported. The imsiIntegratedImage is a component of the complete integrated RIS/PACS product suite that is available from IMSI, which includes:

•    IDOM RIS-X2
•    imsi PACS
•    imsi Integrator, the HL7 and DICOM Router
•    imsi Voice-Interactive, the integrated digital dictation system
•    imsi Integrated-Image
•    imsi Virtual Requisition
•    imsi VIEW, the workstation diagnostic viewer.

More about IMSI products.

The product is offered in both a standalone on-site and a hosted configuration for providers ranging from urgent care centers to hospitals. ARRA stimulus funds have been made available to providers that utilize systems such as the IMSI products that support information sharing and interconnection through interoperability and vendor neutrality in patient care environments with DICOM and HL7 standardization, and FDA certification.

The firm said it will also be showcasing its recently released imsiVOICE-Interactive which is not just interoperable, but interactive, providing a “single click” interactive interface to imsiRIS-X2 and imsiPACS, or other vendors’ RIS and PACS products, coordinating the radiologist with the PACS worklist and launching windows for medical images, and previous history.

Reports are produced using voice recognition, such as Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking , or transcription accessing hosted voice files, and automatically transmitted to RIS, HIS, EMR, and to fax and email services. Also featured is the Grundig Business Systems Digta CordEx- wireless professional microphone.


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