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Dunlee Sets Focus on Glassware Tubes

RSNA-2010-Radiological socitey of North America annual meetingAt RSNA, medical imaging components manufacturer, will feature the 240G replacement tube. This tube is specifically designed as a replacement for use in the GE Healthcare LightSpeed VCT* and Pro 16* CT series systems. Introduced at last year’s RSNA, Reevo 240G now has installations around the world. One site reported that it had exceeded 9,000 patient exams in just 21 weeks, according to the company.

Reevo 240G replacement tubes are identical to the original tube in fit, form, and function. The warranty also matches the OEM’s. “Having a choice for CT equipment components and service equates to tremendous savings and value for healthcare institutions and helps to drive down operating costs without forsaking patient care,” said Tom Spees, Director of U.S. Sales.

Dunlee also manufactures replacements for all major brands including GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Picker, Elscint, Shimadzu, and Philips. Dunlee products are stocked worldwide to expedite shipping and minimize downtime for imaging departments.

Dunlee and program

The company said it will also spotlight its Glassware Solutions program.Glassware Solutions is an innovative program that eliminates the risk of unpredictable tube replacement expenses, while at the same time decreasing equipment service life cycle costs.For one or multiple imaging sites, Glassware Solutions offers significant savings and peace of mind. “Rather than paying the cost of each individual replacement tube, Glassware Solutions provides unlimited glassware replacement coverage over the life of the program, all for a fixed monthly fee,” said Spees.

Dunlee replacement tubes are identical in fit, form, and function and they meet or exceed the performance of the original OEM tube. Dunlee products are stocked near major airports to minimize downtime with same day or next day delivery.
The firm will be exhibiting in Booth 4003.


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