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Dunlee Displays new Apps

RSNA2010Medical imaging manufacturer Dunlee has introduced for Apple’s platforms. Future releases of the will also support .

Access to Dunlee’s 24-hour technical and customer support is now easier than ever with the creation of the new Dunlee App. The one-click feature provides quick access to technical support, helping to reduce system downtime. Dunlee customers now have added peace of mind, knowing that technical and customer support are just a click away.

In addition, customers now have quicker access to the entire Dunlee Global Sales team. The app provides direct phone and email access to each Dunlee Regional Sales Manager.

Features of new Dunlee App, presented during RSNA 2010:

The Dunlee App will feature additional tools, such as locating the latest product information. Customers will be led directly to the desired product with ease, simply by choosing the scanner type, brand and model. Once the specific model is chosen, the app displays extensive Dunlee product information for the appropriate replacement tube.

Dunlee Future Plans:

In the future, Dunlee plans to add the Tube Service Assistant (TSA) to their application library. The TSA provides service engineers access to step-by-step tube installation guidance for specific CT systems, such as the GE Healthcare LightSpeed VCT. Once the TSA App is downloaded, Internet access will not be necessary, allowing use in the lead-lined CT suite, or other areas where WI-FI or a network connection is not available.

The firm, a division of , will be demonstrating Dunlee Apps at Booth 4003 at the 2010 RSNA.


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