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CIVCO Unveils New Offerings.

RSNA-2010-Radiological socitey of North America annual meeting. Medical Solutions is introducing Super-Extended Length CIV-Flex Transducer Covers. Offered in a wide assortment of widths, these transducer covers offer the same latex-free properties of other quality , but are now available in 96 inch (244 cm) length. This new length provides an extended sterile field from the array of the transducer all the way to the transducer connector. The super-extended length covers are telescopically-folded for easy insertion of gel and easy application onto the transducer and cable.

The cover allows use of the transducer in scanning and needle-guided procedures for body surface and intraoperative diagnostic while helping to prevent transfer of microorganisms, bodily fluids, and particulate materials to the patient and health care worker during re-use of the transducer. For over a decade, CIV-Flex covers have provided users with soft, durable, distortion-free imaging solutions in the ultrasound suite. Sterile cover kits are packaged with gel packet, colored elastic bands, and select covers offers three-dimensional “box-end.”

More products from CIVCO.

In addition, the firm will be showcasing its needle tracking applications. The RSNA 2009 introduction of eTRAX, CIVCO’s electromagnetic needle tracking system, brought about the launch of , a new generation disposable needle guidance system. eTRAX features an electromagnetic sensor embedded into the needle tip, giving physicians a more dynamic and accurate tool for tracking the tip of a needle under real-time image-guided navigation. The Ultra-Pro e is an open-channel needle guide which facilitates the initial orientation of the tracked needle to the electromagnetic field and real-time images.

eTRAX provides significant clinical advantages over other technologies, including increased clinical confidence in targeting difficult-to-access lesions, improved workflow, reduced procedure time and increased patient safety. eTRAX is compatible with ultrasound systems from leading equipment manufacturers. Clinical applications include core tissue biopsy, drainage, fluid aspirations and therapeutic delivery.

CIVCO’s Ultra-Pro e and ultrasound-guided procedures.

Completely compatible with eTRAX and all CIVCO Ultra-Pro style brackets, Ultra-Pro e is designed to increase the productivity of ultrasound-guided procedures including tissue biopsy, fluid aspirations and catheter placement. The Ultra-Pro e guide offers multiple angle capabilities for shallow and deep access. The open channel design of the guide allows instruments to be positioned in the scan plane, providing a safe, efficient means for ultrasound-guided procedures. The system consists of a custom reusable bracket and a disposable snap-on guide. The guide attaches to the custom reusable bracket and currently accepts 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge instruments. Sterile replacement kits include guide, transducer cover, gel packet, and colored elastic bands.

For more information, visit CIVCO at RSNA in Booth 8308.


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