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Biotronics3D Launches 3DnetMedical at RSNA.

RSNA-2010-Radiological socitey of North America annual meetingFollowing 3DnetMedical’s successful launch in London in July 2010, 3DnetMedical will be launched globally at this year’s annual RSNA meeting in Chicago. 3DnetMedical is a subscription-based, cloud-deployed, advanced medical imaging service, granting access to enterprise-wide data anywhere, anytime. 3DnetMedical connects thousands of doctors and organizations via a secure health cloud. This means there can be real-time collaboration for imaging and associated information, fostering a multi-disciplinary, multi-location, collaborative community between radiologists, specialists, technologists, and physicians via joint sessions.

The service is available from any location granting fast access to data, without compromising confidential information’s safety and security. The need for expensive disaster recovery plans is also eliminated, as 3DnetMedical maintains a backup of all studies with guaranteed up-time. This can all be achieved without supplanting existing infrastructure, yet still realizing its full value.

More about 3DnetMedcial

This unique service can accommodate any scale of users, from a single account to a whole organization. 3DnetMedcial can scale up quickly because cloud systems are built to cope with sharp increases in workload. 3DnetMedical is also a tool to drive workflow re-engineering: workload is efficiently distributed throughout the Healthcare System to work lists, load-balancing human and computer resources. 3Dnet automatically augments with current, innovative tools and modalities that increase productivity and service income to increase referrals.

This subscription based service solves everyday clinical workflow problems–the contemporary shortfalls of information accessibility and overload–in a continuously evolving industry with no need to purchase or set-up and hardware or software. is also collaborating with industry leaders to promote a global health cloud, and will be deployed in one of the world’s top three full-service clinics.

With a diversity of deployment to date, 3DnetMedical can be hosted via a standard public or bespoke private cloud. All that is required is a user name and password. With an easy to use interface, users are able to upload studies and start collaborating immediately, with live online help and unlimited storage capacity. This service comes as standard with latest clinical tools and the capability to adapt the system to the user’s needs with the option to add specialty modules; therefore this system can be used by any specialist from radiologists through to family practitioners.

“With such an innovative, flexible, secure and user friendly solution, it is easy to see why 3DnetMedical is revolutionizing the industry and receiving recognition and applause for what it has achieved in such a short period of time. With many doors of opportunity opening at such an early stage following the product launch, we’re excited to see the global reaction to 3DnetMedical at this year’s RSNA. 3DnetMedical embodies our vision to democratize medical imaging” said Dr. Harry Hatzakis, CEO of . The firm will be showcasing its new technology in Booth 3457, Hall A, South Building during the RSNA conference.


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