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Bio-Optronics to Demo Momentum at RSNA 2010

RSNA2010, Inc. will be demonstrating its workflow software solutions at this year’s ’s (RSNA 2010) annual meeting at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, November 28 to December 3.

“We at Bio-Optronics are pleased to be attending the RSNA 2010 Annual Meeting, to showcase our products to the world’s best radiologists,” said Dan Kerpelman, Bio-Optronics president and CEO. “Our products can really help people in the industry become more efficient by saving time and money, and enable them to deliver an even better service than they already do.”

Bio-Optronics :

One of the products to be showcased at the RSNA meeting is the Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler, an intuitive, automated scheduling software designed to optimize scheduling based on a practice’s rules and preferences. It simultaneously satisfies business demand, practice policy, and individual preferences.

Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler addresses specific workflow needs and concurrently optimizes multiple parameters, business rules, personal requests, and obligations to build the best and most equitable schedules using algorithms that compute needs and preferences as they change.

Time spent by staff writing notes and emails, and making phone calls to management when trying to figure out an equitable schedule, making requests, or viewing the most recent schedule, is dramatically reduced when staff uses Momentum’s self-service portals through the Web.

“I must save at least one to two hours,” said Mr. Parreira, head of radiology at Clinique Cecil in Lausanne,Switzerland, after he started using Momentum. “[It] allows us to have a more equitable rotation as well as a more precise analysis over a longer period of time of who does what.”

As Mr. Parreira points out, Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler also gives management full oversight of the schedule, factual tracking for reports, and help tools to find the best solution to the most challenging conflicts, thus saving weeks of overhead time per year.

A product that can be used in conjunction with this workflow solution, and collaboratively with RIS, is Momentum , the first intelligent patient appointment scheduler that dynamically consults staff and resource availability using validation logic to ensure that the most optimal visit slots are offered and that the right staff, rooms and machines will be available.

Optional self-service portals can be used directly by patients and referring physicians to request appointments, saving everyone more time, while empowering the staff, patients, and referring physicians. Analysis and statistics for ongoing practice planning and optimization can also be accessed through Momentum Patient Scheduler to help drive improved productivity and satisfaction.
Visit Booth 8710 for demonstrations of Momentum automated physician and staff scheduling and intelligent patient scheduling, and day-of-care .


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