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RSNA Controls Costs

CostsRealizing the economical challenges currently taking place, RSNA is working to reduce the costs for its next annual meeting. As a start, RSNA managed to control exhibition costs as it is going to provide its exhibit rates at $31.50 per square foot, the same rate applied back in 2009 and 2008. RSNA announced that it has discussed with Freeman (official general contractor), a reduction of 5% in material costs and labor rates. Freeman agreed to keep their labor rates in 2010 as those of 2009 with no consideration for the general increase of the wages of labor. Moreover, the major sections of the 79 participating hotels in the next RSNA annual meeting are providing reduced rates than those of 2009.

RSNA 2010 annual meeting will be attended by nearly 60,000 medical and science professionals coming from all over the world. Moreover, more than 300 refresher courses and thousands of scientific papers, scientific posters and education exhibits are going to be presented at the event.  700 exhibitors are confirmed to attend RSNA 2010 in order to showcase the latest, significant advances in radiological and medical imaging field, in addition to other  radiology products and services.


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