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RSNA 2010 Registration Fees

RegistrationRSNA 2010 represents one of the most prestigious radiology and medical imaging events all over the world. Recently, RSNA 2010 management announced the registration fees of the forthcoming event.

RSNA 2010 Fees for Active RSNA Members:

For active RSNA members, registration for RSNA 2010 before the 5th of November will be free of charge. However, members will have to pay $100 if they registered after this date. Active RSNA members include radiologists, radiation oncologists, radiology physicists and scientists, in addition to nuclear medicine physicians. The same fees scheme applies for RSNA associate members, which include administrators and business managers, assistant physicians and radiologists, radiotherapists, radiographers, dentists, and non-radiologist physicians. Moreover, for both RSNA Members-In-Training and Medical Student Members; the attendance is for free.

RSNA 2010 Fees for Non-Members:

For non-member physicians, including radiologists, radiology scientists and non-radiology physicians, the RSNA 2010 attendance fees are $680 before the 5th of November and $780 after this date. The fees for attending the exhibition are $300 for the above mentioned category. Non-member trainees or residents are to pay $150 before the above mentioned date of $250 after it. Non-member students can attend the RSNA 2010 meetings for free. However, verification letters are required for trainees, residents, and students.

RSNA 2010 Fees for AAMP (The American Association of Physicists in Medicine):

For medical physicists, AAMP members can attend the event for free, but they must pay a fee of $100 if they registered for RSNA2010 after the 5th of November. For non-AAMP member, RSNA 2010 fees are $680 before this date and $780 after it, and the fees for attending the exhibition are $300. The registration scheme included fees for attendance of other healthcare professionals, which includes individuals directly employed by hospital, healthcare network, university, or a hospital’s free-standing facility administering to patients. The fees for radiology support staff are $150 before the 5th of November and $250 after this date. For hospital executives, the fees are $680 before the mentioned date and $780 after it. Such individuals can attend the RSNA2010 exhibitions after paying a fee of $300.


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