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RSNA 2010 Hot Topic – Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

PACS_imageVendor Neutral Archive or VNA is one of the most frequently discussed terms among PACS vendors and users. However, there was no definite description of VNA in PACS community. So the question remains what is vendor neutral archive (VNA)?

A “true” Vendor Neutral Archive or VNA is an enterprise archive that is centralizing storage and managing diagnostic images throughout several different Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS). Vendor Neutral Archives are covering the need of mobilizing patient data from individual silos, thus, the data can be exchanged in an easier way and the data can also be linked to other patient information in order to establish more complete medical record. A true VNA also allows access to the diagnostic images. If the current PACS  is not operational, allowing the access results in achieving higher levels of disaster recovery and business continuity in addition to more control over the long-term preservation of diagnostic images.

Another issue related to VNA is its RFI-RFP checklists. It is known that one of the most important sections of any PACS application is its archive and image management system. The VNA checklists are used for a RFP, RFQ or RFI of the archiving and storage management unit of a radiology or cardiology PACS application. The VNA checklist includes a number of points, such as medical device certifications, device scalability, life cycle management, in addition to DICOM image and non-image object support. VNA checklist is also discussing other points such as database query and specification, supported IHE profiles such as SWF, PIR and EUA. VNA checklist also highlights archive format, error handling in addition to patient information privacy and security.

For more in-depth learning, please read our white paper on Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), and download Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) RFI-RFP Checklist.


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